Early Propping System Range

Name Code  
M12 ZINC Allthread 3.6m 551Z4M12-36 Order
M12 ZINC Allthread 3.0m 551Z4M12-30 Order
M12 ZINC Allthread 1.0m 551Z4M12-10 Order
M12 HDG Allthread 1.0m 551G4M12-10 Order
Early Propping Support Chair Base for M12 Thread 49SCRM12 Order


The Actech Early Propping Support provides a safe and cost effective way to prop panels in low strength concrete floors. The Early Propping Support system is becoming essential in the present day due to the increasing demand for quick concrete pouring as well as the erection of these concrete slabs and other elements.

Consequently, Actech’s Early Propping System, helps to significantly save time and labour costs and ensures that your job is on track.

Simply locate the correct propping position and secure the base to the formwork soffit. Cut M12 allthread to suit the finished height of the support.

Code Name Pack
50962012.DEF.ZR M20-M12 x 96 DEF Round Ferrule – Zinc 50
50962012.DEF.GR M20-M12 x 96 DEF Round Ferrule – Gal 50
50962012.BASE.G M20-M12 x 96 DEF Base – Gal 50

Load Rating of EPS

Concrete Strength 8 MPA 10 MPA 15 MPA 20 MPA 25 MPA 30 MPA 40 MPA
Tension 34.38 kN 38.44 kN 47.08 kN 48.00 kN** 48.00 kN** 48.00 kN** 48.00 kN**
Max Prop Load 39.70 kN 44.44 kN 54.63 kN 55.40 kN** 55.40 kN** 55.40 kN** 55.40 kN**
Max Prop Shear 19.85 kN 22.20 kN 27.18 kN 27.70 kN** 27.70 kN** 27.70 kN** 27.70 kN**

*‘Next Day Propping’ is subject to concrete achieving minimum strength
**The pull out capacity is limited by the capacity of ferrule.
WLL calculations based on FOS = 2.5

early propping image 03 early propping image 02 early propping image 01


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