FATBOY RED 150L Steel Power Sprayer

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FATBOY Sprayer Range

Name Code Brand Material Power Seals Size  
FATBOY RED 50L Steel Power Sprayer 242103 Fatboy Steel Powered Viton 50 Order
FATBOY RED 25L Steel Power Sprayer 242102 Fatboy Steel Powered Viton 25 Order
FATBOY RED 150L Steel Power Sprayer 242105 Fatboy Steel Powered Viton 150 Order
FATBOY RED 14L Steel Power Sprayer 242101 Fatboy Steel Powered Viton 14 Order
FATBOY RED 100L Steel Power Sprayer 242104 Fatboy Steel Powered Viton 100 Order


This Unit Will Spray 5 Tables Before Needing a Recharge of Compressed Air.

Product Specifications

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Trolley with large inflatable tyres
  • 14, 25, 50, 100 Lt Steel Tanks
  • Quick connect fittings
  • 6M HD rubber hose
  • 700 mm Spray Lance (Gun) with trigger
  • Tip assemblies to suit your product
  • Medium Duty Cycle
  • Inline Filter
  • Provision for 2 hoses (1 supplied in kit)

Optional Extras

  • Additional length hoses
  • Spray boom for large area spraying
  • Spray extensions from 300 mm up to 1500 mm


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