Bentobar+ BLACK 20x25mm – 5m per Roll

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Bentobar+ Range

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Bentobar+ BLACK 20x25mm - 5m per Roll 8HBB020 Order
Bentobar+ BLACK 20x10mm - 10m per Roll 8HBB010 Order


Product Description

Bentobar+ water stops are invaluable to the concrete and construction industries, providing an efficient means for sealing construction joints. Bentobar+ is well known for its stability and durability.

Even after repeated wet-dry cycles, Bentobar+ maintains a perfect seal thanks to its high rubber content. Bentobar+ is also far less susceptible to washing out than traditional bentonite seals.

In addition to the standard version, variants also exist for use in seawater (saline concentrations up to 3%) and contaminated water. Both exist in a wide range of sizes.

There are two variants of the Bentobar+ based on common project requirements, they include:

  • Black – Standard Version
  • Red – Salt Water Version (for saltwater up to 3w% and contaminated water)

Product Features

  • Stable quality
  • Available for salt water
  • Less susceptible to washing out
  • User friendly


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