Super Strip Range

Product Description

  • It permits the removal of forms, form liners, pallets, etc. from hardened concrete
  • A proprietary blend of vegetable oils in petroleum-based oils
  • Contains no silicones and no carcinogens
  • Helps minimize clean-up of forms and equipment
  • Promotes easy form stripping
  • Is non-staining when used properly.
  • Helps reduce the formation of bug holes on concrete surfaces
  • Does not “kill” concrete surfaces when properly applied
  • Is good on aluminum forms
  • Applies in sub-freezing or very hot temperatures
  • Does not cause efflorescence

Fields of Application

  • Precast Beams
  • Hollow Core extruded products
  • Insitu Formwork
  • Application Instructions

SS 60 requires no special tips and sprayers. The less you use the better the finish.

Spraying problems caused by temperatures below 45° F can be solved by increasing spray pressure by about 10 psi. At lower temperatures it may be wise to use a slightly larger spray tip…say 8005.

Sprays easily using a Chapin 1949 and 80015. Apply just minutes before concrete is placed or up to 7 days if the treated surface is protected.