Lightweight Formwork Material

Conac's lightweight formwork materials are designed to be easy to handle, transport, and assemble, while providing the necessary support and shape for the concrete until it sets.

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Clean Anything with Liquid Hammer

Liquid Hammer can remove concrete, cement, grout, hard water deposits, mortar, plaster, lime, and scape buildup!

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Ausfix HD Concrete Spacer

Ausifx HD is an aspro spacer that's engineered to carry very high loads to place reinforcing bar or mesh at the correct 'cover' or distance from the edge of concrete structures.

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Ensure Proper Reinforcement

Provide structural integrity, durability, and long-term performance to reinforced concrete structures with Conac Bar Chairs & Spacers.

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Trapezium Bent Spacers

The Trapezium Bent Spacer’s triangular profile makes it extremely stable for slab applications carrying large loads. Due to its excellent bond with concrete, it can prevent any hairline cracks between the spacer and the concrete.

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CONAC = Concrete Accessories!

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